Life’s Obstacle Course

We went to a family reunion yesterday. When it came time for games for the kids, I rounded mine all up and we went over to listen to instructions. It was an obstacle course. Once the instructions were given and they were told they could go, I picked my son Trevor up out of his wheelchair and off we went. I helped him “crawl” under the pool noodle, then we jumped over the next. Then I stopped and helped Lauretta jump over as well. We moved on to the golf balls. I showed Luci what to do and gave Lauretta a small golf club to use then got ours and started putting. As I was hitting the third out of six balls in, Trevor said “this is easy”. I laughed and while I didn’t actually say so, I thought yep, carrying 43lbs of dead weight in one hand and trying to putt a golf ball with the other is a piece of cake. Next was tossing a frisbee through hula hoops, a hopscotch type jump, and then bean bag toss into different buckets worth one-six points. I sat down with Trevor and we started tossing. Lorreign was struggling and getting frustrated at this point so I kept helping Trevor toss while talking to Lorreign and calming her down and encouraging her to be patient and not give up. She got hers in and moved on. Trevor finally got his in as well. The last obstacle was bouncing a ping pong ball off a tennis racket into a cup. At this point, my husband was helping with Trevor as well. He held him, I helped him with the racket, and one of my cousins held the cup and moved it to catch the ball. As I thought about that later, it hit me how applicable this is to the obstacle course that is our lives. We are like Trevor and God is the parent helping us through. He helps us crawl through the valleys and climb over the mountains. He holds us with one hand and guides our lives with the other, if we let Him. We often think life is moving pretty well. Things seem pretty easy right now. We may come to a time where we are frustrated and feel like we’re never going to get past something. That some obstacle is just too hard or too big and we’ll never accomplish that goal. God is there to encourage us. To say “Take a breath. Calm down. You’ve got this because you have Me. I’m right here, supporting you. Helping you. You can do all things through Me.” There are also the times in life that are so hard not only is God holding us but He sends others into our lives to help “move the cup” for us. That help may come from a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a complete stranger. We may not realize it in the moment or maybe at all but our “easiest” moments come from God’s hand in our life. He is who carries us through. Without Him, we would never make it through. When life seems smooth or easy, don’t forget Who’s holding you and making it that way. He carries us, He helps us, calms us, encourages us, and sends others to help us along the way.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13

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