Being a special needs mom

So often the question is asked, “what does it mean to be a special needs mom?”. Honestly, I have no answer. At least not one to answer that question in the way its meant. Yes, my son is unable to walk. Yes, he needs numerous machines, aids, and helps each day. Yes, I am a special needs mom but aren’t all moms? Moms of infants care for special needs. To hold, cuddle, feed, burp, diaper, bathe and wipe the spit up. Moms of toddlers the same. The need to hold when sick or teething. The need to chase every second of every day to keep them safe. The need to have eyes in the back of their heads just to keep them alive. What about moms of teenagers?! Talk about special needs! They need to know they are loved and wanted and accepted yet also learn about hard work and kindness and responsibility and consequences and being a good human. Every mom is a special needs mom, whether its wheelchairs and respiratory illnesses, autism and sensitivities, or diaper blow outs our kids each have special needs. They each have one very special need, Mom. Mommy’s love and attention. As a mom of a child with very specific physical needs I am realizing more and more each day just how many special needs my other children have that I often overlook. So in answer to “what does it mean to be a special needs mom?”, I say this. It means being there. It means standing up for what you know is best for your baby. It means being their biggest cheerleader and pushing them towards needing you less and less (this is a hard one). Its teaching them how to be ok if you aren’t there but letting them know you always will be if they need you. It’s teaching them right and wrong and consequences to every choice we make and that no matter how low they may get there is nowhere God isn’t. It’s being mom. So to ALL MOMS, let me just say, you’ve got this. Love those special needs of each child the Lord has blessed you with 😊

All 4 of my special babies

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