One of Those Days

Have you ever been talking to another mom and asked her how things are going and she says, “it’s just been one of those days”? She doesn’t need to explain any further than that, does she? You know, because you’ve been there. You’ve had that day. The day that started off with a child camped out on a blanket bed beside your bed because she has a stomach ache. The day where your alarm clock was your toddler, who just got moved into a toddler bed and can get herself up now. The day where you realize you have an appointment in 2 hours and people are coming over after that to visit and your house is a disaster. You rush to put the clean dishes away out of the dishwasher so you can do the dirty dishes. You’re also trying to take care of the kids, make sure they’re dressed and groomed, get their vitamins, drinks, breakfast (a Rocket Pop counts, right?) and not have them destroy everything you’re trying to clean up.

You are still in your cut off sweats and tank and looking completely presentable, of course, but you still have time. So you grab the basket of laundry that needs folding and ignore the 35 million pressing, urgent needs your kids have for the next 10 minutes so you can finish that. Feeling accomplished you then look at the clock and realize you need to leave in 10 minutes. You rush to get food together for your kids to have during your appointment. (Note to self: 11-12 is probably a bad time to schedule such things.) You yell for the kids to get shoes on as you run to throw on clothes and hope the stretchy pants aka leggings and tank top somehow make you look less disheveled. You tell kids to get in the van only to hear “I don’t have shoes”. You remain calm and tell them to go get some. Then you walk into your clean living room to pick up your handicap son just as the toddler dumps a bin of toys on your clean floor. Well actually on top of the first bin of toys she must have dumped while you were throwing on clothes. No time to deal with that. You rush to the door to see your 6 year old standing there, yelling for the dog she just let run out. She then proceeds to tell you she still can’t find shoes while standing NEXT TO the bin full of shoes. You finally get everyone loaded into the vehicle and run back in to get the electronic device to occupy the kids for the hour you’re busy, grab a box of scooby snacks for them and rush out. Only 5 minutes behind schedule, you are feeling pretty proud until you think of the dog that is still loose running around the neighborhood and realize you forgot the lunch you made for the kids. You make it through the appointment with minimal interruptions and head towards home. You get home and start to work on the pool that has algae growing in it. Get inside and realize that the chlorine splashed on your shirt and your pants and you have now ruined a perfectly good outfit and one of the few shirts you owned that wasn’t stained. Yes, this was me. Today. It’s been one of those days. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. That is motherhood. There are some days that go so smoothly. Your kids obey, the house is clean, you are on time to everything and even had time to put makeup on. There are also “those days”. When nothing seems to go right, you feel like one “MOM” away from snapping and it feels like you’ll never survive with your sanity intact. When you have those days remember that you are not alone. There are other moms out there right now having the same kind of day. Remember that it’s not everyday. Remember that it can all be a reminder of blessings in your life. My crazy day means I have children to feed, a house to clean, clothes to have laundry to do AND a washer and dryer to do them in. I have shoes for my kids feet, even if they do need to be told 12 times to get them on. I have a pet to worry about running off. I have insurance to cover those doctor’s appointment and a vehicle to get us there. I have food to make for lunch even if I forget it. We even have special blessings, past the necessities of life, like a pool that needs chlorine. Remember to thank the Lord for the blessings even on “one of those days”. ESPECIALLY on those days.

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